Short Hiatus

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos from recent trips. I was debating how I would continue to share photos – whether I would include a write-up or just the photos. Part of why I enjoy visiting and photographing these forgotten places, is the history and story that they tell.

There seemed to be a recent rash of places becoming exposed, and while I never give out locations/names, I became quite conscious of whether I was giving too much information with just a brief history, while redacting the giveaway info.

I think I’m discreet enough that it shouldn’t be too much cause for concern. Some places will be ok with more info as they’re public/inaccessible, and some places will obviously be places I don’t share any history no, just a few photos. I’ll take it on a case by case basis.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and hope you enjoy the history behind the photos.


2 thoughts on “Short Hiatus

  1. I enjoy seeing abandoned location photos, partly because I have the same interest and passion….I agree the story and history is nice, but I don’t give out locations either….it never fails, irresponsibility travels in packs, the more people use it, the greater chance of something going wrong….if you go there and leave everything as you find it, you’re good. Not everyone has the same respect and some will overshoot the hidden jewel.

    1. absolutely. Sometimes, I’d tag the state it was in, but I’ve been going back and even removing those sometimes.

      I only offer locations to those I trust. Like you said, the more people that see a location, it starts getting out, and then it’s scrapped and covered in graffiti penises, haha.

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