Abandoned Papermill

Last weekend we set out to try another target, that we weren’t as successful in.  But, we did end up checking out this old paper mill that was in the next town over.

Power plant of the paper mill
Power plant of the paper mill

This mill closed down in the early 2000’s after a fire caused quite a bit of damage. This plant employed just under 100 people, part of a multi-billion dollar global manufacturer of industrial and consumer products and provider of packaging services, with operations in 35 countries.

Some of the factors that led to the decision to not re-open the plant included the significant investment needed to repair the fire damage, and the fact that “incremental productivity improvements across the paper mill system have created adequate capacity to assimilate the volume currently produced at at (named removed)”.

The cost estimated to repair the damage wasn’t astronomical (especially for a large billion dollar company), but the simpler, shorter version is that they just didn’t see the value in this location anymore, and they could run the operations somewhere else, much cheaper (probably through a more automated means).

Here are a  few photos.


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