Abandoned Pure Rye Distillery

This was a recent trip through an abandoned whiskey distillery in Maryland. The buildings are pretty dangerous, and mostly empty, but still really cool to go through and check out. (common name given, as this is a fairly popular and well known site)


Baltimore Pure Rye
Baltimore Pure Rye

Shortly after the 18th amendment  was repealed, two distilleries were built east of Baltimore, in the area known as Dundalk.

One distillery was built on farm land just off in Dundalk, the Baltimore Pure Rye distillery. Today you can still see the smokestack bearing overseeing the grounds. Even though it started as Baltimore Pure Rye, it’s commonly referred to, and better known as Seagram’s. Baltimore Pure Rye closed it’s operations in 1957. Shortly after, Seagram’s purchased the plant with plans to produce the brands Four Roses and Paul Jones. Seagram’s originally purchased these brands as part of the purchase of Frankfort Distillery in the early 1940s.

The Seagram’s company eventually closed this location in 1989.The former whiskey

Inside one of the storage buildings.
Inside one of the storage buildings.

distillery is now basically completely gutted, but the whiskey storage buildings, are unique and still interesting to see. Without seeing historic photos, one has to wonder how the barrels were moved around in the buildings. The storage buildings stand 4 stories high, and still have the skeleton of the storage system (pictured right).

There are still several buildings left on site, including two storage buildings, but fires have claimed at least part of one building, and the brick rubble of another is noticeable.  Here is a short gallery with some of photos from the buildings.  Feel free to comment and share.



2 thoughts on “Abandoned Pure Rye Distillery

  1. Thanks for sharing this historic site, I just got a full and sealed bottle of BPR rye whiskey and it’s very interesting to see where it came from and what Maryland has lost.

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