Railroads, Rockefellers, and Brothels

I have a few extra days over the Christmas break and wanted to check out some new places. A friend of mine that lives in a neighboring city offered to take me around to a few places he knew about, and we also checked out an old railroad building that I found.


The railroad building was fairly empty, but still pretty neat to walk through. At first thought, we thought it was some sort of train repair shop, but didn’t seem to have the equipment/tracks/large doors for getting cars in/out. As he stated, you know you’re in the South when the shitty graffiti reads “all ya’ll”. We didn’t stay very long, as we had a big day ahead of us. Here are a few photos:

Motor Court / Brothel

The next place we stopped was an old motor court, which had seen better days. The history of the place is a little vague as to when/why it shut down originally, but it seems to have shut down sometime around the late 1960’s. According to newspaper stories, a brothel was run out of the buildings during the 70’s, and later a church operated there in the 80’s.  According to the way the rooms were set up in the remaining couple of cabins, it looked as if some sort of prostitution/ other sketchy business was being conducted there within the past 10 years. Here’s a couple of photos from this place:

*history/info courtesy of Dean-O-Matic blog

Rockefeller Family Estate Mansion

There was an old school that we stopped at next (that’ll be saved for another entry), but the final stop of the day was at what remains of an old Rockefeller Family Estate. The estate, made up of tens of thousands of acres of land, held a private hunting ground and getaway for the family and their close friends. History and articles signal to elaborate parties and clearly the upper echelon of society, with rumors of it being a meeting place for fellows/alum of the Skull and Bones organization.  Sadly, in it’s current state, many of the buildings have burned down, and been completely trashed, including some halfhearted graffiti attempt at a proposal to Erica. Here is a look at the “main attraction” or the main mansion on the estate.

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