Former J.W. Cooper High School

JW Cooper School
View from the upstairs balcony (it really did have a green tint)

This weekend, I also got access inside of J.W. Cooper High School. It’s been closed since the mid-late 80s. The current owner took over the building to save it from being demolished. He has put numerous hours of hard work and money out of his own pocket into restoring the building to it’s original state, and put the building to use for local business/community center.  He’s offered space for business front,  a recording studio, and even ran a food bank for the community.

“The school was first set to open in 1918, but was used as a temporary hospital and morgue during the flu epidemic of 1918, when the local hospital was unable to accommodate the large number of victims. The school first actually opened in May 1919, and the building was dedicated as the “new Shenandoah High School”. It renamed the J.W. Cooper High School in memory of the school’s first principal. The school remained in use until 1986 when it was replaced when a new school was built. The school also housed the an indoor heated pool, the first of it’s kind.”

Here are a few photos I took from my visit. To keep up with the progress at JW Cooper, you can like their Facebook page.

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