Trip out to Chapman / Beverly Mills

This morning I ventured out to Broad Run and hiked Bull Run. The trails intersect with Chapman’s Mill, so it was a good opportunity to take some photos of the old mill that dates back to the 1700s, and has some strong ties to the Civil War. You can find some of the photos in a Flickr album, or click the image below:

Chapman's / Beverly Mill in Broad Run, VA.
Chapman’s / Beverly Mill in Broad Run, VA.

2 thoughts on “Trip out to Chapman / Beverly Mills

  1. I like the article and concept of the shoot….and myself, I also love abandoned buildings and old objects. I’d like to see a more detailed narrative of the day and what caught your eye, what inspiref you, etc. and to let your blog host your photos….that way you retain your own traffic and readers instead of feeding Flickr 😀 I enjoyed the photos!

  2. Thanks for the comments Jay! Haha,to be honest, I guess I was a bit lazy on this one. I already had the images on Flickr, so I just linked back to that.

    As far as inspiration, that’s a good idea to go and add that in. I’d been researching some old abandoned buildings/areas, and came across this place. I liked the story/history behind it, and I’d been looking for a new area to hike in, so it fit perfectly.

    Once I got there, and read the plaques/info stations, you could almost picture the scenes playing out, and I just tried to capture that, and breath some life into them, if it makes sense.

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